Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is situated on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, the City of Roses, in the heart of the Free State, South Africa. The estate boasts townhouse complexes, including Hillandale Lifestyle Village for people older than 50, luxury houses and a few undeveloped erven. Wildlife, which includes sable, kudu, waterbuck, springbuck, nyala, zebra and giraffe, freely roam the open areas and residential gardens on the estate.

State of the art security ensures the safety of both human and animal residents of the estate. Amenities such as tennis courts, hiking and mountain bike trails, children’s play areas, outdoor gymnasium and well-kept natural vegetation, cater for an active outdoor lifestyle. A convenience centre with supermarket, hair salon, restaurants, pharmacy, pet shop and specialty stores, is situated adjacent to the estate.

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is managed by a Board of Directors and various Committees comprising of democratically elected registered owners of property on the estate. These owners share their particular field of expertise to the benefit of the estate and its residents. Committed personnel, suitably qualified in the fields of accounting, management, security, engineering and the law, ensure that all aspects of the estate are managed efficiently.

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Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate provides a secure, healthy lifestyle of blissful relaxation. Retha van Zyl, resident area specialist and member of the Board of Directors, will gladly share information on the lifestyle one could expect on the estate. Anyone who considers settling in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, is encouraged to read the Manual for Community Participation, which contains the rules of the estate, before signing a lease agreement or offer to purchase, thus ensuring that the lifestyle will indeed suit the personality and personal preferences of the new resident. The Community Participation Manual is available on request. E-mail retha@rethavanzylrealestate.co.za 

Marketing of the highly anticipated new phase of Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate commenced on 12 May 2017. Bergendal Phase I, consisting of 105 full title residential, 12 sectional title stands, 2 stands zoned for a church and nursery school respectively, and 1 commercial stand, is located a short distance from Northridge Mall. This new phase will boast its own access with a gatehouse designed to reflect the character of the estate, but with a modern twist.

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The landscape is varied -

some stands enjoy views over a dam,
others are situated directly adjacent rows of trees,
while a number of stands offer uninterrupted views over natural vegetation and onto hills.

This new phase offers a fresh opportunity to build one's dream home in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate. Now in its 12th year, this Estate is coveted for its exceptional state of the art security, a beautiful natural landscape that provides a habitat for the 27 species of wildlife (that are often found grazing in residential gardens), and sound management.

To secure a stand, 10% deposit is required upon signing of the Agreement of Sale. Once registered, the owner of each stand will be allowed 24 months during which to commence the construction of his/her new home, which must adhere to the aesthetic guidelines of the Estate.

To realize your dream of owning or building your own home in secure Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, call Retha on 0834510511.