PUBLISHED 27 JUL 2017   

Internet marketing has proven to be a successful tool in the Estate Agent's toolbox.  Quality photographs are essential to present a property at its best.  Beautiful homes in Decor Magazines are staged to look that good; models in fashion magazines wear make-up and stylish clothing to attract our attention.  In this same way, quality photographs of your home will attract the attention of potential buyers.


Follow these guidelines to prepare your home for its photo shoot:


1.  De-clutter:  

  • Remove family photographs; childrens' artwork and notices posted on the fridge.
  • Store away dishes and laundry.  Clear kitchen countertops.
  • Store away beauty products.  Only keep clean towels and a few decorative items in the bathroom.
  • Store away magazines, audio visual remote controls, and other clutter normally found in living areas.

2.   Stage each room; less is more:

  • Remove or replace scatter cushions, throws or side tables that may deter from the architectural features of the room.
  • Dress beds with white or plain coloured linen and add scatter cushions or throws for impact.  
  • Remove or store away toys in children's rooms.
  • Tidy up the book case. 
  • Clear kitchen and bathrooms of all cleaning products.  

3.  Lighting is key:

  • Be prepared to allow your Estate Agent to take pictures at the time of day when natural light will be at its best - this will not necessarily be during a time that is most convenient to you!


Good quality photographs will showcase the special features of your home on property websites; keeping the property in this neat condition, will help buyers picture their families in your home once they have paid it a visit.