PUBLISHED 15 SEP 2017   

What is a sectional title property?

Sectional title schemes include amongst others, townhouses, flats, duet houses and holiday apartments.  These schemes afford joint ownership of communal property (such as the land itself, facilities such as parking bays, gardens, swimming pools or tennis courts, as well as the exterior of buildings) to all owners of the complex. The owner of a section in a sectional title scheme, owns the section, as well as an undivided share of the common property of the scheme.  The owner can never become the sole owner of any portion of the common property.  However, a sectional plan may specify that certain parts of the common property are set aside as exclusive use areas.  In such a case an owner acquires the right to exclusive use of, for example, a parking bay or garden.  The holder of such a right may sell his exclusive use area to the owner of another section in the scheme.  Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate offers townhouses, but no flats or duet houses are available.  


What is the role of the Body Corporate?

The Body Corporate consists of all the owners of the units in a Sectional Title Scheme.  The Trustees of the Body Corporate are elected at an annual general meeting of all the owners.  Not all Trustees have to be owners.  The Body Corporate is responsible for the control, administration and management of the scheme.  


Rules and Regulations

Sectional Title Schemes are governed by two sets of rules:

  • Management rules that provide for how Trustees are elected, what their obligations are, the voting procedure during Annual General Meetings, and provisions regarding the management of the scheme.
  • Conduct rules are the house rules of the scheme.  These rules regulate the conduct of the owners and tenants and include provisions for driving speed, pets allowed, loud music, etc.  Conduct rules may be amended, added to or deleted by a special resolution with 75% majority vote.  

Reference:  Property Power Magazine, 12th Edition


Why opt for a townhouse as your home in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate?

Woodland Hills is a wildlife estate with 24-hour access control and strict security.  This adds to the benefits that are generally offered by a Sectional Title Scheme, and specifically townhouse complexes.  These benefits include:

  • Security - townhouses are clustered together which offers added security in terms of nearness to neighbors who could provide assistance when necessary.  
  • Sense of community - residents of townhouse complexes often rely on one another for physical and emotional support.
  • Protecting the value of your asset - the Body Corporate works toward the sound management of the complex, its financial position and general maintenance; thus protecting the value of your asset.
  • Combined funds for maintenance - the levies and special levies are utilised, amongst others, for the upkeep and maintenance of the complex, and the exterior of each unit.  Consequently, the financial burden of property maintenance is shared.
  • Lock-up-and-go convenience - townhouses generally have small gardens, which are often maintained by the body Corporate.  


Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate offers townhouses of various sizes that include two and three bedroom units.  These properties have proven to be popular amongst single persons, or young couples starting out in their first home; those looking to scale down; week-end accommodation for families, or business people who visit Bloemfontein on a regular basis.  

Choosing a townhouse as your home in Woodland Hills, opens doors to a lifestyle of tranquility, security and general peace of mind.  Townhouse living offers an excellent opportunity to own property in the luxury market.