Having lived and worked in Woodland Hills for more than 12 years, these are the things that make Woodland Hills home for me:



Whether one has a special affinity for nature or not, the beautiful natural environment and wildlife that freely roam the estate, create a feeling of belonging that is firmly rooted in our African heritage.   A wildlife sighting remains one of the highlights of our day, even after having lived here for more than 12 years.  Who would not feel spoilt to find giraffe, nyala or waterbuck grazing their garden?



Access to the estate is restricted.  Efficient security staff man the access gate, monitor movement on the estate and patrol the estate 24-hours a day.  Security officers function within an environment where state of the art security is upgraded regularly to ensure the safety of residents.



The lifestyle rules that apply to Woodland Hills, serve to create harmony and a feeling of tranquility.  No hobbies that could be disturbing to other residents are allowed; no door-to-door marketing or distribution of business cards and marketing material is allowed; strict rules apply with regard to pets; and vehicles with noisy exhaust systems, such as motor cycles, may not undertake sightseeing tours on the estate.  


Peace of mind

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is managed by a Board of Directors, which is supported by a number of committees where owners have the opportunity to apply their specific field of expertise to the benefit of the estate.  I have peace of mind that my financial investment is safe given the proven track record of the management of the estate.


Healthy lifestyle

Woodland Hills boasts two well-kept tennis quarts, hiking and mountain bike trails, outdoor gym, stables with facilities for outdoor children's parties, and dams for catch-and-release fishing.  These facilities offer the opportunity for a healthy outdoor lifestyle in a secure environment.


Fresh air and clean streets

Situated on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, Woodland Hills has fresh air and an unpolluted night sky.  The estate has partnered with Towers of Hope and supports their Clean Green Bloemfontein initiative.  Towers of Hope cleans the access road to the estate on a weekly basis, while estate personnel ensure a clean environment inside the estate.  Caring residents also do their part in picking up litter left by irresponsible persons.


Fibre optic

Technology is taken care of by means of Vodacom's fibre optic installation that can be connected to any property in Woodland Hills at a reasonable monthly fee.


Stable Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Woodland Hills has proven to be stable regardless of tough economic times.  Bargain hunters are disappointed to find that sellers who price their homes reasonably, may expect full-price offers.  


Convenience Centre

Woodland Hills Village is situated directly adjacent the estate.  For many residents, this convenience centre is within walking distance from their home and is the ideal place for casual meetings or fun times with friends and family.  With a variety of stores, including a supermarket; pharmacy; pet shop; gift shop; restaurants; car wash and more; Woodland Hills Village has proven to be popular not only amongst Woodland Hills residents, but is also frequented by residents of neighboring residential areas.


Homeowners who care

Residents of Woodland Hills are proud of their properties and take care to maintain their gardens and homes to the high standard that has been set for the estate.  Where anyone fails to perform necessary maintenance, estate management steps in to remedy the situation.


For me, Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is the place to be.  Judged by the small number of properties that are offered for sale at any given time, the stable demand for properties in all price ranges, and the consistency with which the estate is managed, hundreds of families feel the same!