Love your space


After a number of very dry years, followed by good rainfall in large parts of the Country; we again look forward to October being the most beautiful month of the year!  Please remember that water restrictions are still in place in Bloemfontein.  The use of sprinkler systems and hosepipes to water the garden, is still prohibited.  Municipal water may not be used to water lawns or to fill pools.

A garden adds much needed relief from everyday stresses and serves to complete the look of a house - much like earrings to a lady.  It pays to invest in a well-designed garden, especially if one considers to put a property up for sale.  A neat property attracts higher prices than those that require attention or show signs of neglect.

Gardening with mainly indigenous, drought tolerant plants in combination with hardscaping such as artificial lawn; pebbles and pavers, can create a surprisingly colourful and low maintenance garden.  Choosing the correct plant combinations invite beneficial insects and birds to your garden.

Bloemfontein boasts a number of reputable landscape designers who can assist in the design of a garden that is more suited to the hotter drier climate.  Coping with the drought, does not mean that one has to let go of all things beautiful.  We just need to think a little differently to keep loving our space.  

For details of landscape designers that I have worked with, please e-mail