Debunking misconceptions about Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate

PUBLISHED 28 OCT 2021   

On 27 October 2021, my husband and I celebrated 15 years in our Woodland Hills home!  It has been quite a journey - dreaming, designing, building and living in our dream home - and every year we add something new to make it even more "us".  Our house, like most in our beautiful estate, is a labour of love.

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate offers a safe haven for close to 4000 residents and many more dream of making the Estate their home.  Unfortunately, some misconceptions about estate living, deter many from making the move from traditional neighborhoods to Woodland Hills.  I make it my mission to debunk these misconceptions:


Some of the most commonly heard misconceptions are:

1.   I might not fit in...

Woodland Hills residents are friendly and come from all walks of life - many moved from traditional Bloemfontein neighbourhoods. It is a place where anyone could feel at home, regardless of one's occupation or status.   I have no doubt that you will fit right in!

2.   I do not like rules...

My husband is a very good example of someone who has never read the rules; and who has never transgressed these rules.  Of course he has me to keep him on the straight and narrow!  Jokes aside, the rules provide a framework to ensure consistency in aesthetic appearance of the Estate, good security, and a lifestyle envied by many.  The rules are simply good manners written down - most people find that they live by these principles anyway.

3.   It is a pain to go through the gate...

Access for residents only takes a few seconds per vehicle. Visitors have to be screened before entry, and this takes longer.  For convenience, gates are specifically allocated to "Residents only",  "Contractors and Visitors with access codes" and those "Without access codes".  Strict access control enhances the safety of residents. I find it a great compliment when impromptu visitors complain that they were not allowed access - we pride ourselves in the quality of our Security Systems.

4.   I may not invite my large family for a visit...

As South Africans, we love to entertain; and in Woodland Hills, it is no different.  Residents enjoy social gatherings with friends and family and there is no restriction to the number of people one may receive as guests.  With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we do of course have to adhere to restrictions posed by Government.  As long as we do not cause undue disturbance to our neighbours and refrain from playing loud music after 23:00, we are allowed to have fun!

5.  I hear that they do not allow this, that or the other...

We, the owners of properties in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, are indeed "they".  The Estate is managed by a Board of Directors, supported by Committees and the Personnel employed by the Estate.  The Board and Committees are elected at the Annual General meeting by Members of the Hillandale Homeowners Association.  The Homeowners Association consists of the owners of properties in Woodland Hills.  It is in fact, "us" who take decisions about our Estate and the way we live. 


Why not join me on a tour of our beautiful Estate? After 15 years as resident, almost as much time as Estate Agent, and the priviledge to have served as a member of the Board and various Committees over the years; I have first hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.  


I LOVE this Estate - and it would be great if you join us!  

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