PUBLISHED 20 JUL 2017   



Two houses   –    similar location, comparable design and finishes, but vast difference in value   – what causes this discrepancy?


The answer lies in aesthetics.  When it comes to beauty, we all know that it is in the eye of the beholder.  Choosing the correct exterior paint colour to compliment the design and architectural features of the house, is the first step in creating a stylish abode that will appeal to home buyers.  Woodland Hills has made this decision easier by specifying that only earth tones (upon approval of the Aesthetics Committee) may be chosen for exterior paint.  Grey with a brown undertone may also be used and is a very trendy colour.  Earth tones create a feeling of harmony, warmth and balance and ensure that houses fit into the natural environment.


A neutral color scheme for interior walls is the next step in creating style and a feeling of luxury for even the most modest of homes.  Stick to different shades of the same colour and create drama through the use of different textures.  If you have an appetite for colour, add no more than two colours to a neutral backdrop through accessories that reflect your personal style, without detracting from the character of the house.  This way, buyers will be able to visualize their furniture in the space and will not be overwhelmed by a myriad of colours and clutter.


Indoor-outdoor living is all the rage.  Most properties boast a patio or outdoor entertainment area.  Choose outdoor furniture that complements the interior décor.  A very important aspect of outdoor living, which is neglected by many homeowners, is the layout and design of the garden.  Enhance the appeal of your home through a well-designed garden that provides shade, room to play, privacy and a habitat for birds and other friendly creatures.  With water restrictions not expected to be lifted any time soon, many homeowners are re-designing their gardens to be water wise.  Employing a landscaper to handle the initial design and installation of the garden, is money well spent and could prove to be an investment in the future re-sale value of your home. 

Colour your home beautiful inside and out – you are sure to be rewarded.