How many houses are offered for sale in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate?  Is it a buyers market?

I am asked this question almost on a daily basis. Over the years, many houses have been offered for sale - some to allow its sellers to move to greener pastures; others were offered for sale by developers; and some because their owners' changed personal circumstances or life events motivated them to sell their prized property.  

Approximately 47 houses are currently advertised for sale; less than 10% of all completed full title properties on the Estate. Since 2012, between 45 and 49 full title properties, overall price ranges have been sold annually.  It seems that a low number of full title properties are offered for sale; while a steady stream of successful sales is transferred annually, regardless of the financial and economic pressure experienced in the country.

My view is that the real estate market in Woodland Hills is healthy, albeit slower than in times of economic and political certainty. Well-maintained properties that are offered for sale at market-related prices, still sell within a reasonable time and at prices comparable to recent sales.

Based on recent transfers, I am of the opinion that although the market is very competitive and houses remain on the market for longer than expected, the real estate market in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate is balanced and favours neither buyer nor seller.  Buyers often do not have the opportunity to view a vast number of houses in a specific price range and need to make buying decisions on a limited number of comparable properties.  

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