Choosing an Estate Agent to market the house, often places sellers at odds with their own preferences and the way in which Estate Agents generally conduct their business.

Mr/Ms. Seller, the choice is yours!

  • It is the seller’s prerogative to decide how many and which Estate Agents (if any at all) may market his/her property.
  • Good advice would be to interview and appoint the Estate Agent whom one feels will best serve one's interests and personal preferences in terms of marketing approach, reputation, expertise in the area, negotiation skills, and caring nature to also manage the emotional roller-coaster of selling one's home.


Answering the knock at your door

It is common practice for Estate Agents to do door-to-door marketing and cold calling to grow their portfolio of properties for sale.  Although not all Estate Agents have ulterior motives, sellers are warned that some may only be out to increase their footprint with a large offering of properties for sale.

Watch out for the following catchphrases often used by Estate Agents to get a foot in the door:

  • “I have a buyer for your house”,  or more discreetly  “My client has viewed your property online and is ready to make a cash offer…”.  It is very hard to turn down such an enticing proposition.  We will call this Estate Agent, Estate Agent B. To protect your best interest, refer Estate Agent B to the person that you have screened and appointed to market your property.  If Estate Agent B truly represents a buyer who might be interested in your house, he/she will contact your mandated Agent, Estate Agent A; while Estate Agent A will gladly accommodate Estate Agent B and his/her client. 

  • “My commission is much less than the Estate Agents known to work in the area…” In real estate, as in life, we tend to get what we pay for. An Estate Agent whose only competitive edge is low commission might be unable to beat the competition at knowledge, negotiation skills, and proven success in the area; and might lack the financial backing to give wide exposure to your property.

It is not advisable to appoint each and every Estate Agent who comes knocking. 

Check credentials to ensure that you will receive the best possible service, and to protect the safety of your property, family and pets.