"Price! Price! Price!" equals the importance of "Location! Location! Location!" when buying or selling a dream home. When marketed at the right price, sellers could expect offers from motivated buyers at a price equal or close to the asking price; within a relatively short time, given the prevailing real estate market.

Is a full asking price possible in the current market?

If your property is situated in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, Bloemfontein, it is indeed possible to receive an offer equal to or close to the asking price.  The following conditions apply:

  1. The asking price must reflect the current market.  A valuation by a professional Estate Agent who understands the real estate market in Woodland Hills, will consider recent sales of comparable properties.  This approach to pricing the property will ensure that the asking price is market related.
  2. The property (including the garden, interior and exterior) must be in mint condition; ready for the buyer to move in.  Properties that show signs of neglect are penalised by buyers and low offers are the result.  Keeping a property well-maintained will greatly benefit the seller.
  3. The Estate Agent who is afforded the opportunity to market your home, must be knowledgable in the area.  Market knowledge and an understanding of the lifestyle and management of the estate, impact the Estate Agent's ability to motivate a buyer to invest in the Estate and to understand the value of your home.

Retha van Zyl offers free guidance and advice on getting your property ready for the competitive market in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.  A free valuation of your property is available on request.

E-mail retha@rethavanzyl.co.za for a consultation that could turn your dreams into REALTY.