About Retha van Zyl Real Estate

Retha van Zyl Real Estate offers a boutique style service to property owners and buyers in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate. A limited selection of exclusive properties is represented at any given time to ensure professional personalised service to property owners and buyers.
Retha van Zyl has been serving the community of Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate since 1 March 2007. She has established herself as Area Specialist of the residential market within Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate and as such boasts extensive knowledge of the real estate market on the estate. Her marketing approach is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, and excellent customer service, focusing exclusively on the marketing of real estate within Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.
The Agency offers the following service:
  • Evaluation of the requirements; lifestyle and financial means of the client;
  • Formulation of proposals to address clients’ needs;
  • Comparative Market Analysis to assist sellers in determining the market value of residential properties and setting a realistic asking price;
  • Information to buyers and sellers with regard to market related sales;
  • Negotiation of offers to purchase;
  • After sales service to ensure a smooth transaction;
  • Collaboration with Estate Agents, Attorneys, Bond Originators, Architects, Builders, and other relevant service providers.
Retha van Zyl Real Estate - where passion and real estate meet to turn dreams into REALTY!