Retha van Zyl Real Estate Cares

Retha van Zyl Real Estate partnered with Towers of Hope and supports their work through donations following successful real estate transactions. "I hope to make a difference in the lives of those in need, while also supporting the efforts of Towers of Hope to eradicate the litter that pollutes our beautiful city.”
Towers of Hope Leadership Foundation was established in 2008 and works from the premises of the old Two Tower Dutch Reformed Church in the Bloemfontein Central Business District. The Foundation focuses on serving the marginalised and unemployed residents of the city. Towers of Hope was registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in 2011.
Towers of Hope’s vision is for communities to be transformed from vulnerability to ability. The mission flowing from this vision is to develop and manage a variety of processes and interventions whereby vulnerable people can realise their God-given dignity.
Purpose & Functioning of the Cleanup Team
The Proud Clean Bloemfontein initiative is one of many successful interventions Towers of Hope implement to help change the lives of the destitute. Proud Clean Bloemfontein is a job preparation program that provides a cleaning service to businesses and individuals in and around Bloemfontein. This initiative gives the beneficiaries of Towers of Hope the opportunity to take responsibility for their city, and for themselves.
Apart from being included in the work teams, participants also attend a weekly life-skills session where they receive guidance to re-enter the formal employment sector.
Proud Clean Bloemfontein is a cleaning service with a social conscience. Through this initiative, Towers of Hope has helped many participants turn their lives around.
Keep an eye out for the Towers of Hope signs and Proud Clean Bloemfontein Work Teams in various areas of Bloemfontein. You will notice a team cleaning Frans Kleynhans Road from Heuwelsig to Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate, each Friday - a collaboration between Towers of Hope and Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate.
For details on the powerful work done by Towers of Hope, contact De La Harpe Le Roux on or Like Towers of Hope on Facebook to stay abreast with their initiatives.